September 3, 2018

Do you ever experience swelling in certain areas of your body? Do your legs ever appear red or get very hot? These are symptoms of inflammation. Sometimes your joints can become very stiff and cause your joints to lose function. Class 4 Laser therapy is a recommended c...

August 31, 2018

When an injury happens the best solution is to treat it right away. There are so many injuries that occur that are not always obvious. Some common injuries that cause chronic pain are nerve damage, back injuries, and even injuries from the past. This is why seeing a ch...

July 9, 2018

Experiencing back pain that does not go away can be irritating. In fact, it is called, “Chronic” because it persists for a long time. Back pain is mostly caused by spinal injuries. A muscle strain or ligament sprain can result in chronic back pain as well. Chronic...

June 26, 2017

The Pathway

You stub your toe. Tiny pain receptors in the skin (nociceptors) are triggered and will send an electrical signal to the spinal cord in the lower back. The signal will then continue up the spinal cord to the brain. In the brain, the signal will reach the som...

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Whiplash is defined as a sudden, forceful back and forth movement of the neck. The most common type of whiplash injury occurs in car accidents.  When...

Whiplash and Permanent Damage

November 30, 2016

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