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Knee Pain - ACL Injury

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprain or tear is one of the more common knee injuries.

Soccer, football and basketball players have higher risk for this type of injury.


1) Sudden stopping

2) Changing direction quickly

3) A collision

4) Landing improperly from a jump

5) Decreasing speed while running


1) Your knee may give out

2) You may hear a popping noise

3) Pain

4) Swelling

5) Lost range of motion

6) Discomfort while walking

Nonsurgical Treatment

- Bracing and crutches

- Careful rehabilitation

- Laser Therapy

​Laser Therapy Benefits

Through the use of infrared light, laser penetrates deep below the skin and gets absorbed by cells, which increases physiological processes. The following are laser therapy benefits:

1) restores normal cell function

2) reduces pain

3) reduces swelling

4) reduces inflammation

5) increases healing and tissue repair

Note: Laser therapy is also used for low back pain, neck pain, mid back pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow pain and more.

We offer laser therapy at our office. Our chiropractors get results!

Call today for a free consultation!

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