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The Facts about Car Accident Injuries in Dover Delaware

Car accidents Facts:

1. 50 percent of chronic neck pain in the United States is due to car accidents. Most of these accidents are rear end collisions that occurred at a low velocity.

2. At low speed car accidents, cars often have little or no damage. Extent of injury may be great even though the speed is low during a car accident.

3. Car accidents are the cause of more than 40% of spinal injuries each year.

4. Three million Americans get whiplash each year.

Why choose Delaware Injury Care

The doctors at Delaware Injury Care have a combined 50 years experience treating car accident injuries in Dover Delaware. We have all of the tools and equipment necessary to treat car accident victims in a variety of ways. Our caring staff provides pain management through the use of laser therapy as well as other therapies, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy massage, and gentle spinal adjustments. By taking our time and using multiple treatments during each office visit, our car accident patients heal better and faster than anywhere else in the region. Delaware Injury Care prepares reports and other medical documentation for your legal proceedings and can serve as an expert witness for your legal proceedings. We understand how this can be very helpful to auto accident victims. Car accident victims will be treated in our office within 24 hours, if not sooner (Monday through Friday).

We Treat:

Neck Pain

Back Pain


Shoulder Pain

Knee Pain


Sprains and Strains

And more ...

For a Free Consultation, call us or schedule an appointment online:

Dover 302-678-8866

Milford 302-424-0556

Seaford: 302-628-8008

Wilmington 302-235-1111

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