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Have you woken up with back pain? We all have. It's common to have back pain in the morning and it's also common to injure your back in the morning. Why? As you sleep, the pressure on your spinal discs increases, making them more prone to injury.

So how can we avoid back pain in the morning?

Avoid sitting for the first half hour of the morning. Sitting causes forward flexion of the lumbar spine, which is most likely to injure your back in the morning. After the half hour is up, the pressure in your discs will be closer to normal and you will be less likely to have back pain.

Avoid sitting by:

First shower, then make breakfast then eat while standing. Eating while standing can make all the difference in the world. If your next move is getting on a computer, try doing that while standing as well. By this point, a half hour should have passed already.

Other things to consider:

Putting your shoes on or picking something off the floor in the morning are 2 very common ways people injure their backs. Keep this in mind as you carefully move around in the A.M.

If you have more questions, or chronic back pain, call us for a Free Consultation.

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