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Eliminating Lower Back Pain - 3 Steps

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the number one ranked cause of disability, affecting 31 million Americans. Lower back pain causes depression and anxiety and creates financial and emotional burdens. Solving lower back pain is more likely by understanding basic human movement and posture. The body tends to weaken at its midpoint, which happens to be the lower back. In addition, sitting all day causes your postural muscles to become inactive. When you stand up, your stability isn't there, leading to lower back pain.

Assessing your Weaknesses

Touch your toes – Keeping your knees straight, reach towards your toes. Inability to touch your toes indicates decreased range of motion. However, stability is lacking if you can reach too far (i.e. palms to the floor)

Wall Test – Put your back against the wall. You should be able to have contact with the wall and your head, back, butt, and heels at the same time.

Standing Test – Sit on the ground and stand from that position without using your hands, elbows etc.

These tests give you an idea of the overall health of your spine.

Eliminate Lower Back Pain

Developing habits that help is your best cure for lower back pain. Back pain is a symptom of dysfunctional movement.

Step 1: Find a professional that best deals with lower back pain, a chiropractor. A chiropractor will be able to set you on the right path in terms of not only chiropractic adjustments, but rehabilitation of your lower back, proper exercises and proper posture.

Step 2: Follow the exercise program given to you and when you feel ready, let the chiropractor know that you can handle a higher level of exercise.

Step 3: Continue getting regular chiropractic adjustments. Having your spine aligned properly as you exercise and improve your posture is equally important in reducing and eliminating your lower back pain.

Our Services

Not only do we offer chiropractic services, but we also offer exercise programs and advise, a weight loss program and multiple therapies that will help reduce lower back pain as quickly as possible including laser therapy, hydrotherapy and more ...

Study on Chiropractic Care

A new study in The SPINE Journal (2018) concludes spinal manipulation is most likely to reduce chronic low back pain and improves function

compared to other approaches.

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