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Muscle and joints work together to move you through your day. At times of injury or pain, muscles can become tight, damaged or even develop into a spasm. At Delaware Injury Care, we take our time and look at how your muscles are moving. If they need stretching or more advanced treatment to restore proper movement patterns, we will address it immediately. Our chiropractors have training in many different soft tissue techniques, including post isometric relaxation (PIR), myofascial release therapy, trigger point therapy and more. The doctors may also utilize instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization to help break down chronic inflammation and scar tissue. With soft tissue therapy, the muscles will elongate and heal and you will begin to experience benefits such as decreased pain and tightness, improved circulation and better range of motion.






Benefits of Soft Tissue Massage

Pain Reduction

Muscle pain is often caused by tension and waste materials that get stored in the sore musculature. Massage helps to reduce tension, increase blood flow and even release endorphins (“feel good hormones”).


Increased Tissue Elasticity

Injured and irritated muscles can become hard and inelastic. Massage is important because it effectively creates a decrease in pressure build up and tension. Muscle fibres and the fascia that surrounds the muscles are stretched in different directions than can be achieved through usual stretching. 


Scar Tissue Reduction

Scar tissue can build up due to injury. This affects muscles and surrounding tissues, leading to inflexibility, thus increasing the chances of pain and re-injury.


Increased Circulation

Massage increases blood flow and causes dilation of blood vessels, allowing for better flow of nutrients and waste removal. Removal of waste products such as lactic acid helps a muscle recover in a timely manner.



During a massage, mechanoreceptors (sensory receptors) are stimulated which causes relaxation. Massage will prevent injuries and keep the body in a better overall condition by restoring mobility and boosting performance.

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