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Sciatica is most commonly caused by spinal misalignment. The misalignment puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing pain. Disc herniation is another common cause of sciatica and is usually trauma related. Symptoms can be brought on by standing, sitting, walking, heavy lifting, bending, twisting and sneezing.

The sciatic nerve is the body's largest nerve. Sciatica symptoms occur when sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated. 

Symptoms include

Low Back Pain

Radiating leg pain





Sciatica most commonly develops around age 40 or 50. Some estimates indicate that it will affect up to 43% of the population at some point. Sciatica tends to develop over time. Most sciatica sufferers get better within weeks or months and find pain relief without surgery. 


Sciatica is often preceded by low back pain. Eventually, leg pain arises and becomes worse than the low back pain. Pain is dull and achy and radiates from the low back all the way to the toes. The pain can last hours, weeks or years and eventually the pain usually localized in the buttocks and thigh. Waiting until the pain is extreme can cause long term damage. It's important to see your chiropractor as soon as the pain starts. Gentle adjustments are used to correct spinal misalignment, thus removing sciatic nerve blockage which often causes the pain. Other modalities such as cold laser and cryotherapy are used to reduce pain immediately.

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