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What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (AKA degenerative joint disease) occurs as a person ages and is associated with misaligned joints and postural imperfections. In addition, spinal discs wear away, causing bone spurs to form in order to stabilize the area. Bone spurs can be painful. Osteoarthritis may cause lower back pain, neck pain and pain in the joints of the extremities.


Remedies for Arthritis

1. Physical Activity – Studies show that exercise, such as simply walking around the neighbourhood can help you keep or attain a healthy weight.

2. Maintain a healthy weight – Too much weight adds stress to the joints and spine. The rule of thumb – eat less, move more.

3. Stretching – Gentle daily stretching can increase flexibility and decrease pain.

4. Assistive Devices – Walkers, orthotics, scooters, lumbar support belts and canes can help with mobility and function.

5. Chiropractic – A chiropractor can detect and correct misaligned joints with gentle, specific adjustments. This can take pressure off of nerves and restore a joint's motion.

6. Laser Therapy - Laser decreases pain, reduces inflammation and releases tight muscles that cause chronic pain and decreased mobility.

7. Positive Attitude – There is nothing like a good outlook on life. It can bolster the immune system, leaving a person better equipped to handle pain.

Case Study

In one study, a 70 year old female patient with hip osteoarthritis achieved better balance and gait speed after 12 weeks of treatment with a chiropractor. Falls are a major problem among the elderly.

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