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Orthotics improve foot functionality by correcting misalignments. There are three categories of orthotics:

RIGID ORTHOTICS by controlling foot motion, these orthotics are very useful when there is poor support in the center of the shoe

Best Uses:

1. Dress Shoes with low sides

2. Sore feet that area relieved with arch support

3. In skates and golf shoes.

4. In loose fitting boots such as work boots, hiking boots and rubber boots.

SEMI-RIGID ORTHOTICS - also control foot motion, but provide cushioning 

Best Uses:

1. Pressure issues such as callouses

2. Weak ankles, flat feet, shin splints, hip, knee and back pain

3. People working long hours on hard surfaces such as nurses and factory workers.

SOFT ORTHOTICS - absorbs shock, increases balance and relieves pressure in painful areas

Best Uses:

1. People who have suffered from trauma. 

2. Arthritis

3. Diabetes​

4. ​​Foot Deformity

Come try our foot scanning Kiosk: 

Highly detailed scans captured at the Kiosk are also used to build patients’ custom-made orthotics and create

images of the body that will help show structural imbalances. It’s truly an immersive educational and diagnostic

experience … And results can be sent directly to your email address!


To schedule a FREE Consultation

Call: 302-678-8866 (Dr. Silver, D.C.)

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