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Injured in a car accident?

What to expect following a car accident

After a car accident, people often go to the emergency room. There, X-rays may be taken and scripts may be given. If the injured person has broken bones or other severe injuries, they may want to make an appointment with their PCP or ortho. If the injured person has soft tissue (muscular) injuries, they may want to visit a chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained to treat soft tissue injuries.

Delayed Pain

A car accident can be a traumatic experience, causing adrenaline to be released into the bloodstream. This can mask pain for hours or days after the car accident. It is therefore possible that injuries won’t present themselves for days or even weeks following a car accident.

Immediate Treatment

It’s important to work on becoming pain free following a car accident. If you do nothing, you may have these injuries for a long time. In addition, having injuries that are not documented can have devastating effects on a personal injury claim. Documentation allows a lawyer to get the best settlement the patient deserves.

Common Symptoms after a Car Accident

Lower back Pain

Neck Pain


Arm and Leg Pain

Muscle Weakness


Sciatica Symptoms (Numbness and Tingling)

Why should I get treatment?

  1. Pain Reduction – Minor or major car accidents can create inflamed muscles, joints and tendons. Untreated, this can lead to scar tissue and other health issues. A chiropractor can treat and resolve much of the pain associated with these kinds of conditions.

  2. ​Prevent Future Damage – By strengthening and stabilizing your spine, a chiropractor can reduce further damage and help reduce the chances of re-injury.

  3. ​Restoration of Mobility – After a car accident, the pain may make you less mobile. Treatment by a chiropractor can help restore mobility and get you back to your usual activity levels.

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