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Travel Tips for Your Body – The “No Pain Approach”

Traveling can cause a lot of stress on the body. Especially, when there is a long distance involved. When a person chooses to travel it could be for many reasons. They may want to take a vacation with their family or it may be required for business. However, traveling will not be enjoyable when the body constantly aches and is in pain. Sitting for long periods of time in the same position can be rough. Previous medical conditions such as chronic back pain can make it really uncomfortable to focus, socialize or enjoy scenery while traveling.

Take a Stretch Break

It is very important to take a stretch break while traveling. This can relieve aches and pain. There are many modes of transportation for traveling. Stretching should take place whether traveling on an airplane, train, bus, boat or car. Taking regular stretch breaks are helpful in increasing blood flow throughout the body. Awkward sitting can block the blood from flowing like it needs to. Sometimes while sitting in an airplane there is not enough leg space. An aisle seat is recommended for being able to walk around or stretch often. A good way to try and stretch the body on a plane is to roll your ankles often. Other stretches are neck rolls to release the tension from your neck. The seated twist is another stretch that involves twisting the torso from side to side so that it can relax the spine. Also, having a small lumbar support pillow will help to support the spine and prevent back pain and stiffness. These stretches allow your body to release tension and keep your body from becoming stiff.

Heavy Luggage

Prevent injuries and pain to your body by traveling light. Luggage is often needed no matter where you are traveling. When you bring travel with less it can keep you from straining your arms and shoulder will feel. Luggage that comes with wheels and a handles are good for traveling. It can prevent you from heavy lifting. Most times you will be required to lift the luggage and place it above your head. These types of movements can cause problems in your joints causing pain in your lower back and in your neck. Spinal health should be a priority when traveling as well. Travel safe and smart with these tips.

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