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Use These Proper Lifting Techniques To Prevent Work Injuries

The human body can learn to adapt with the demands that get placed on it. Especially, at work if the job responsibilities require lifting heavy objects or equipment. Having strong muscles is helpful, but not even strong muscles and joints cannot prevent work injuries. Safe lifting is important in the workplace for both men and women. Proper lifting is the focus while doing the job for most warehouse and maintenance employees. However, office environments that use boxes and other heavy equipment should focus on safe lifting.

Warming up

It is very important to warm up before doing any type of lifting. The warm up does not have to be for hours, but a couple of minutes can save you from having a lifetime of disability. Blood can flow better in the body when warm ups are done and it keeps the body running well. Boosting the blood circulation in the body helps to keep you alert because the nutrients and oxygen reaches all the cells in the body. When this happens this prevents fatigue from occurring because the blood is actually reaching the brain. A lack of consistent blood flow can cause you to feel tired when doing your job duties. Increased levels of blood flow will also help in keeping your body from feeling numb and will help in preventing work injuries. Stretching or a simple exercise such as torso swings and arm rotations are helpful.

Stand Close and Bend Your Knees

When you are about to lift a heavy object at work remember to have your feet spread apart to prevent work injuries. Typically, at shoulder-width making sure your toes are always pointing outward. The next step consists of making sure you are bending down at your knees and hips to maintain proper posture with your back. It is so important to protect the natural curves of the back. Be sure to bring the object close so that you can get a firm grip. Tightening your stomach muscles is helpful as well in supporting your back. Finally, stay focused on the task at hand any distraction can because you move your body in a position that will bring an injury. Successfully, lifting a heavy object involves using these techniques. Do not rush to get it done, take your time and prevent work injuries.

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