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Lumbar Support Belts for Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Indications for a Lumbar Support Belt

Lower Back Pain

Disc Herniation



Postoperative Laminectomy/Fusion


Stable/Non-Displaced Fractures

Restricted Living

Low back pain and injury can prevent walking, lying down, sitting, standing, bending, driving and many other activities of daily living that we take for granted.


Back support belts are designed to improve back posture to reduce low back stress. As a result, increased spinal stabilization can be achieved, creating an environment for optimal healing.


Twenty percent of workplace injuries are back injuries, costing our nation approximately $35 billion per year.

Research Study

In a Home Depot study, 36,000 employees were required to wear lumbar support belts. Acute low back injuries fell from 30.6 per million hours to 20.2 per million hours, a whopping decrease of 34%.


Lumbar support belts are covered by most major insurance plans.

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