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Tennis Elbow - Facts you didn't know

​Lateral epicondylitis is commonly known as tennis elbow. Muscles in the outer area of the forearm become irritated and inflamed, creating pain in the elbow area when grasping, lifting and reaching.

The Facts

1. Besides an injury or extreme sports regime, the most common cause of lateral epicondylitis is competitive strain. For example, when working at your computer for several hours, your forearms contract, causing restricted blood flow, which causes metabolic waste to build up, sometimes causing a burning sensation.

2. Regular stretching can decrease pain. During these stretches the elbow must be straight and the wrist must be flexed (within your pain free range of motion). In addition, strengthening exercises should be used to help heal damaged muscles so that they have more resistance to injury in the future.

3. A combination of laser therapy, rehabilitation, cryotherapy and stretching can reduce your pain and decrease the possibility of future flair ups.

4. Tennis Elbow often has nothing to do with tennis!

If you or someone you know thinks they may have tennis elbow, call us for a free consultation.

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