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Sleeping the Wrong Way - Neck Pain

We spend 8 hours per night sleeping in a bed, if we're lucky. Pillows are important in preventing pain.

Common Causes of Neck pain

1. Your neck is bent too far for too long in any direction

2. Your pillow is not supporting your neck properly.

3. You head is not supported properly while reading or watching TV in bed.

4. Propping your head up on several pillows.

5. Sleeping on your stomach. Your head will tend to twist unnaturally.

The Right Position is considered "neutral". In neutral position, the usual curve of your neck is not changed. The best positions for sleeping are on your back or on your side.

Picking the Right Pillow

The right pillow can reduce neck pain. Whether you sleep on your side or your back, pick a pillow that keeps your head in the neutral position.

1. Orthopedic pillows - designed to keep your neck in neutral

2. Feather pillows - can be molded to keep your neck in neutral; they are less firm than foam pillows

3. Cervical pillows - maintain the natural shape of your neck

4. Water filled pillows - supports your neck through absorption and redistribution weight; The amount of support is customizable depending on the amount of water within the pillow


If you're suffering from neck pain, you probably have spinal misalignment. For a Free Consultation, call us:

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