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Gardening and Pain

After a long Delaware winter, people want to get outside to enjoy the festivities that accompany spring. One such activity is is gardening; however, people often don't anticipate the aches and pains that come along with it.

Listed below are a few tips for injury prevention and care for your lower back.

  • Warming up

Gardening can be a vigorous activity and just like exercise, it requires a proper warm up. Injuries arise due to sudden twisting, turning, lifting, and pulling after being less active during the winter months. A 5-10 minute walk or a stretching before gardening can significantly decrease your risk of lower back pain!

  • Pacing Yourself

Spring and summer go by fast. You look at your calendar and have one weekend open and a big gardening left to do. Set goals about what you need to accomplish. Take your time, take breaks and hydrate.

  • Postural Mechanics

Raise the garden up or user planters if possible to avoid bending. Use garden tools with long handles to avoid reaching. When lifting heavy pots, watering cans etc.m, use a wheelbarrow. When lifting, using your leg strength.

  • Change it up

Alternating activities will change your posture and which muscles are stressed. This can deter repetitive motion injuries.

Visit the chiropractor These chiropractic visits identify underlying spinal problems that can predispose you to injury. Being proactive will ensure that you can enjoy your gardening.

If you or someone you know in Dover, Milford or Seaford Delaware have pain while gardening, call us!

Weed love to help!

We treat:

Lower back pain

Neck pain

Elbow pain

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Shoulder Pain

And more ...

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