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Award Winning Whiplash Treatment

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Many car accidents cause long term symptoms that are hard to detect. The reason is because most accidents, even minor ones, end up causing some degree of soft tissue damage that can take weeks to show up. An evaluation by a chiropractor is essential to ensure that you get the treatment you need to prevent long-term pain and injury.

Minor Accidents

A lot of car accident victims get injured, but only feel a bit shaken up at first. Often, the vehicle is not overly damaged, the ambulance may or may not be called, x-rays and proper work-up may or may not be done. Your pain isn't taken as seriously as you would like it to be. Usually, people experience a bit of pain and stiffness immediately after the accident. If left without treatment, the symptoms may worsen or go away and gradually come back over the course of a few months. The damage to your body will cause slow changes in soft tissues that won't be evident for months or years after the injury.


The most common injuries and symptoms that result from a car accident include:


Lower Back Pain


Neck Pain

Radiation into the arms and legs

Most of the time, these injuries involve inflammation which causes your pain to worsen. In addition, the impact can cause spinal vertebrae to become misaligned, creating nerve impingements and increased symptoms over time.

The Good News

Treatment by a chiropractor can help alleviate your symptoms by correcting the underlying problems.

The Better News

In addition to adjustments, at Delaware Injury Care, we provide therapies such as laser, dry hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and more on each visit. We take the time with our patients so that they'll get better much faster. If you've been involved in a car accident, make sure you receive the best treatment possible by calling us at 302-678-8866. We are located in Dover, Milford and Seaford. We've got you covered. As always, we offer a Free Initial Consultation so that you can come in and have a visit with us!

Neck Pain Study

According to an NCBI study, a multimodal approach including manual therapy and exercise is an effective treatment strategy for both recent onset and persistent neck pain.

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