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Pain Control with Laser

Laser therapy is one of the most powerful tools we have in pain control.

Here are some things that you may not know about laser therapy and it's relation to pain.

1. Laser is used for acute and chronic pain and injuries. Laser is most effective when applied very soon after the injury, assuming that there is no hemorrhaging. Laser therapy is effective in reducing inflammation and will help restore normal body function faster if used soon after an acute injury. Chronic conditions usually have persisting pain and inflammation. Class 4 laser therapy can be used to combat these effects.

2. Laser therapy has no known side effects. During laser treatment, photons of light interact with cytochrome c complex in cells, which triggers cellular metabolism and a decrease in pain as well as inflammation. Patients tend to report lasting pain relief after only two or three visits.

3. Treatments may be customized depending on the origin of the pain and inflammation. Different laser heads and distances allow the doctor of chiropractic to administer treatments that requiring various levels of precision. This can allow for deeper penetration and displacement of excess fluids as needed.

4. Treatment is fast and feels good. Treatment can feel soothing and warm or you may feel nothing at all. It depends on the laser and the type of treatment. Patients report more rapidly decreasing pain with high power lasers such as a class 4 laser. Treatments usually last approximately 10 minutes depending on the region of the body and the depth of the injury.

Class 4 Lasers are more powerful and are often referred to as high power lasers. Most musculoskeletal complaints respond better to class 4 lasers. A 10 minute session using a 30 watt laser will create significant pain relief and healing. In addition to pain control and inflammation, class 4 laser therapy can increase formation of new capillaries in damaged tissue. This will increase healing to the next level. Laser is also very good at treating painful trigger points without using needles like you would get if you received acupuncture. The most effective laser treatment will be when laser is combined with rehabilitation.

At Delaware Injury Care, we use Class 4 Laser Therapy for pain control. We combine this with rehabilitation and other forms of treatment to decrease your pain in just a few visits. For a Free Consultation, call us today!

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