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Chiropractic for the elderly

Usually when an older person seeks chiropractic care its usually for pain in the muscles and/or bones, with back pain being the most common complaint. In fact, 6 percent of seniors have back pain that disables them and 23 percent have back pain that does not disable them. Chiropractic itself holds as its philosophy the fact that, since the central nervous system is encased in the spinal chord, any irregularity in the alignment of the vertebrae (subluxations, misalignments) can affect any organ of the body.

Many patients realize at least one of the following benefits from chiropractic:

  • Pain relief – More and more patients are turning to spinal manipulation techniques for pain relief. We have the ability to fix misalignments within the spine that cause pain and inflammation, without the use of medication. We use a combination of hydrotherapy, class 4 laser, and modalities to reduce inflammation. This means that the chiropractor fixes the underlying cause of the pain rather than masking it with medication and removing it only temporarily.

  • Natural treatment – Medications often have unpleasant side effects. With at least 92% of seniors having at least one chronic condition, it is important for this demographic to find a way to find relief without the need to take medication.

  • Increased quality of life – Chiropractic care helps a person continue to have a proper range of motion in all of their extremities, which can enhance their quality of life. It is normal for many seniors to assume that they will become stiffer and less capable of doing things as they age, but with the help of a chiropractor, this does not have to be the reality.

  • Lower risk of falls – With 33% of seniors falling every year, finding a plausible solution to this problem is a priority. Chiropractic care is helpful in this area as it helps to minimize subluxations in the spine and helps patients learn to stretch and exercise to improve their balance and strength throughout their senior years.

  • Help with chronic conditions – Certain conditions that the elderly suffer from can be treated or co-treated with chiropractic care. One study followed a group of seniors with COPD and their incidence of adverse events with the disease. After four weeks of chiropractic care, these study participants experienced a decreased number of adverse events and had a higher quality of life.

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