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Common Mistakes for Back Pain

Studies show that 80% of us will have low back pain at some point in our lives.


“I was hoping it would go away,” is a common thought. Low Back Pain may decrease over time, but sometimes it doesn't. Getting a chiropractic adjustment can stop the progression, before it becomes disabling. When you feel that twinge in your back, it’s time for treatment right away.

Getting Too Much Bed Rest

Here are some guidelines:

- You should not rest in bed for longer than 24-48 hours

- Walking is usually a safe activity to start with

- Avoid activities that cause pain

- Use ice for the most part during the first 48 hours

- For some types of arthritis, the worst thing to do nothing. It can lead to more stiffness and pain.

Viewing Surgery as a “Quick Fix”

Don’t jump to a surgery too soon. Guidelines recommend a few months of conservative therapy as the best approach. Chiropractic is one of the best options cited in these guidelines and carries the highest patient satisfaction. You can’t “un-do” a surgery, so wait unless you have certain warning signs, like bowel / bladder weakness or progressive neurological losses like worsening leg weakness.

Not Stretching because it's Harmful

A general rule of thumb is, if you feel better after stretching, it’s probably better for you than not. Evidence suggests that stretching in the direction that causes relief is helpful.

Common Back Pain Causes

- Back Sprain / Strain

- Facet joint irritation

- Disc Herniation

- Sciatica

- Degenerative Disc Disease

- Arthritis

- Whiplash

- Other Car Accident Injury

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