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3 Conditions Treated by a Dover Delaware Chiropractor

There are millions of satisfied patients in the world who speak about effectiveness of chiropractic. There are many ailments which chiropractic will help, but today we will talk about 3 common conditions treated in by Delaware Injury Care in Dover Delaware.

Low Back Pain – Lower back pain is the most commonly treated ailment at Delaware Injury Care in Dover Delaware. Lower back pain is usually caused by a misaligned spine in the lower back.

Our Dover Delaware group can increase mobility and decrease the pain from disc herniation, lumbar strains and more. We treat chronic low back pain and acute low back pain. Either way, you're covered. We use laser therapy in conjunction to rehabilitation and other therapies. The combination is very effective.

Headaches - We all get headaches in Dover Delaware. Headaches have the ability to disrupt our days. Headaches make it difficult to focus on anything. Delaware Injury Care helps relieve headaches every day through the use of gentle chiropractic manipulation (a lot of headaches are caused by misaligned vertebrae in your neck). In fact, a lot of people report no pain after their adjustment.

Shoulder Pain - Shoulder pain happens to everyone. Whether the shoulder pain is referred from the spine or in the muscle itself, Delaware Injury Care can treat it with the use of gentle adjustments, laser therapy, rehabilitation or other therapies. In Dover Delaware, we treat all kinds of shoulder pain and help increase your range of motion if it's limited.

For a Free Consultation, please call us in Dover Delaware at 302-678-8866

We also have locations in:

Seaford 302-628-8008

Wilmington 302-235-1111

Milford 302-424-0556

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