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Car Accident Pictures in Dover Delaware: Documenting damage and injuries

A car accident is happens fast and all that's left is the scene of the accident, which is quickly swept away in most cases. Emergency vehicles, tow trucks and police get everything done as soon as they can so that traffic can get back to normal. The car accident's cause is often unknown and relies heavily on police reports in order to decide who's fault it was.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

A Picture of a car accident can reveal critical evidence before it disappears. This can show negligent acts which support your claim. These pictures can also reveal serious injuries from the car accident. This will allow those injured persons to get the financial help they need

Useful Pictures Include:

Vehicle Position A picture of the entire accident can give the jury a better idea of what happened. Vehicle position is helpful to determine the speed and impact angle of the car accident. It's important to take pictures from multiple angles. Skid marks determine the speed, direction and impact angle. For the forensic experts, the details that can be obtained from pictures is invaluable.

Road Conditions Road conditions show whether the pavement is wet, dry, uneven or has potholes. These are all important factors for showing information about a car accident in Dover, Delaware.

Location Include pictures from every direction. These can show traffic conditions, signs, construction and other important factors that may be useful to car accident investigators.

Weather The glare of the sun, an ice covered windshield or fog may contribute to a car accident. However, these things can clear up by the time help arrives. A picture can show that the other person is at fault.

Inside and Outside of Vehicles Bald tires and broken head lights may have existed before the accident and contributed to the car accident.

In Court It may be a couple of years before the case goes to trial. Memories can fade, making it difficult to remember details. Pictures taken at the car accident and throughout the healing process can help make things more real for a jury.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Dover Delaware, call Delaware Injury Care for a free consultation. (you can also make an appointment on our website). Your treatment is covered by car insurance. Delaware Injury Care provides therapy, laser therapy for pain, rehabilitation, gentle chiropractic care and more depending on your needs.

Locations include:

Dover Delaware 302-678-8866

Seaford Delaware 302-628-8008

Milford Delaware 302-424-0556

Wilmington Delaware 302-235-1111

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