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3 Ways to Prevent Herniated Discs During Softball Season

Herniated discs are common injuries during baseball and softball season. Through constant pressure, the disc becomes misshaped and torn. It is sometimes called a slipped disc or a ruptured disc. When a herniated disc occurs, it can irritate the nerves making the body come numb and weak in certain areas.

Baseball and softball players can easily get a herniated disc because of the forceful rotation of the spine required for the sport. Between playing the game and training for it, the spine of baseball and softball players are more prone to injury. Many of the player positions, such as being the pitcher or batter, involve a high level of body movement. Not only these skills, but sliding to the base and catching the ball require a lot of movement. These actions make the game so fascinating. However, they require a lot of power from the players and can cause spinal disc herniation. Preventing herniated disc injury is not just for the major league players who play on tv. It’s for the local little league players as well.

Here are the 3 Ways to prevent herniated discs:

  1. Stretch Your Muscles

Before doing any type of physical activity, a player should always make sure that he or she stretches. Stretching helps the blood flow to the muscles, making strenuous movement easier because the joints are lubricated. There are stretching exercises that are created just for disc herniations. They help to strengthen the muscles that support and stabilize the backbone.

2. Practice and Play the Correct Way

Every player should be taught by their coach how to swing the bat properly or throw the ball using the correct technique. Any technique that is a part of the game should be carefully explained to the players. The physical demands of baseball and softball put the players at greater risk for back problems. Enjoying the sport is an important part of the game, but physical wellness is just as important. The repetitive actions that are done incorrectly, especially by pitchers can cause the lumbar spine to get injured.

3. Keep Good Posture

This tip is mainly for those who watch the game in the bleachers. Most times, unless you bring your own bleacher chair, you’re not going to get any type of back support. People who sit where they are slouched forward for a long period of time can overstretch their spinal ligaments. It is always good to stand up and walk at times so that you can to alleviate stress on your spinal discs. Also, purchasing a stadium seat will benefit your health along with routine chiropractic visits to ensure your back remains in perfect condition throughout the season. This can prevent you from getting a herniated disc.

For more information on herniated discs, please call us and one of our chiropractic doctors will see you right away. Our disc herniation consultation is Free.

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