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Does Mowing the Lawn Cause Back Pain?

It is spring time and for many it is time to cut the grass. The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. Lawns can be beautiful this time of year and should be kept. While making it a priority to mow the lawn is important, taking care of your back while you mow the lawn is essential as well.

Back pain can be caused by mowing the lawn:

The Vibration from the lawn mower causes lower back pain in some people. Pushing the lawn mower forward and leaning over as you mow causes traction and stress on back muscles. A person can strain their muscles by not stretching before mowing the lawn. Taking a break is very important when mowing the lawn to relax your lower back muscles. Stretching and bending in different directions such as forward, back, left and right can help prevent lower back pain.

Preventing Back Pain as You Mow

There are so many factors that play a key role in preventing back pain when mowing the lawn. You should be sure to make adjustments to the lawn mower before you mow. These adjustments should make the task more comfortable for you and prevent strain on your back. Shoes are important for lawn mowing. Wearing comfortable shoes that have arch support will help your legs as you mow the lawn, helping you prevent the pain from going to your back. Another important part of mowing the lawn is just simply staying hydrated. It is important for muscle care to drink lots of water. Water helps your muscles produce protein and glycogen which is essential. Electrolytes are needed for your muscles and when your muscles do not have electrolytes, they can cramp.

Maintaining a good posture will help you as you mow your lawn.

You could be reading this and be suffering from back pain as a result of mowing the lawn. The good news is that you have tips to help you prevent future back injuries. You also have the opportunity to seek chiropractic care to diagnose and treat any back pain you may currently have. Delaware Injury Care can help you.

Call Delaware Injury Care for a free consultation. Delaware Injury Care provides therapy, laser therapy for pain, rehabilitation, gentle chiropractic care and more depending on your needs. If you have back pain or any other pain, call us today.

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