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Things You Didn’t Know About Car Accident Injuries

Nearly a million people are victims of car accident injuries each year. Many of the injuries are sustained from the impact when they are slammed into a part of the car. Also, the objects inside the car could cause an injury when they are not secured. Car accident injuries occur from head on collisions, side impact collisions, rear-end collisions or from the vehicles rolling over. Car accidents aren't always the result of a two-car collision either. They can also occur when a single car is involved. For example, a car can hit a deer or may have to swerve due to fallen debris on the road. Car accidents happen in different places with varying results. Therefore, injuries can vary as well.

Did You Know?

Many people ignore their car accident injuries and that is why they end up having chronic pain. An injury that is undiagnosed by a medical professional is often times not properly treated, even if over the counter medications or at home remedies are used. When medical attention is not sought immediately, the specific area where the injury occurred (such as the back or neck) may not be known. There are car accident injuries and symptoms that do not appear right away following the car accident. These are injuries / symptoms include whiplash, back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. The symptoms of whiplash (such as headaches) come from the neck injury. When whiplash is not accurately diagnosed, it can be mistaken for and diagnosed as a tension headache. In addition, a person with a car accident injury may assume that the neck pain is from a poor sleeping position since pain often increased in the morning.

What You Can Do

It is never too late to visit a chiropractor to diagnose where pain in the body is coming from. In fact, it is the best decision to make for your health. Car accident injuries can bring long-term pain. However, chiropractic treatments, such as rehabilitation, soft tissue massage, gentle adjustments and laser therapy will reduce the pain fast. The body will have its mobility brought back and it will become less tense. Emotional distress also occurs due to car accidents and soft tissues treatments aid in helping the body to relax as it is being treated.

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