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Is Knee Pain Keeping You from Enjoying Sports?

You’re excited about playing your favorite sport with your friends and family. All of a sudden, your knee starts to bother you again. Just because your knee only hurts occasionally does not mean that you are having simple acute pain. Dealing with knee pain for years at a time is actually chronic pain. Returning to your "at home" pain relief routine is most likely what you may decide to do. Months of over the counter medicine, a cold compress such as ice and maybe even a muscle rub creme has brought relief.

Chronic Knee Pain

However, when your knee pain is chronic, are all of those remedies really worth it? When you constantly have to spend money on medications, you may want to rethink things. A chiropractor can effectively treat knee pain and get rid of it long term. A lot of other remedies are only working to relieve your knee pain temporarily. Knee pain affects how you walk and all of your daily activities.

Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain could come from injured, ruptured or torn ligaments. It can also include other conditions or diseases that have not been diagnosed. In any case, treatment for long-term relief is the best option compared to short-term solutions. Days of knee pain with swelling and stiffness are symptoms that should never be ignored. The chronic aching that is experienced is also a sign of major problems, such as arthritis which may be deteriorating your joints. There are several types of arthritis including rheumatoid, osteoarthritis and post-traumatic arthritis. Long-term disabilities can result from these conditions, so losing weight and doing exercises that will strengthen the knees is very helpful. Even having your knee wrapped with rock tape can be beneficial to reducing knee pain. Fortunately, we do that along with other treatments at Delaware Injury Care. We also do laser treatment which can help you stop suffering fast.

Save Your Knees

Save time, save gas and save money from making frequent trips to stores to cure your chronic knee pain. Get back to enjoying the activities you love with your loved ones without limitations. A specific chiropractic treatment plan that works best for you is available. Schedule your next visit in treating your chronic knee pain. There are so many treatments for your knee pain. Call our chiropractor and make your health a priority.

If you have knee pain in Dover Delaware, call Delaware Injury Care for a free consultation. We accept all types of insurance.

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