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Stop Knee Pain After A Car Accident

A knee injury can happen for a number of reasons when there is direct impact from an object. When a car accident occurs, the knee is can be injured by the impact of the steering wheel hitting the knee. Another way a knee injury can occur is by the driver or passenger hitting their knee cap on the dashboard. It normally happens during a head on collision and it is referred to as a patella injury. While these are typical injuries, other types of knee injuries from car accidents can happen as well.

Common Knee Injuries from A Car Accident

There are different types of injuries that can occur from a car accident. The first one is a fracture. When the knee becomes fractured from a car accident, the patella (knee bone) breaks (this causes swelling around the knee). A second type of injury is knee dislocation. This type of injury is caused by blunt force to the knee. The tibia and the fibula bones (leg bones) are moved out of place in comparison to the knee bone (patella). A knee sprain is another injury where the knee ligaments are stretched and injured. Knee strains happens when the muscles and tendons in the knee are damaged. Meniscal tears can occur when the cartilage in the knee gets torn. New injuries should be treated immediately especially when there are symptoms such as swelling and pain.

Knee Injuries and Chiropractic Care

The main symptom to watch for is pain in the knee joint. Also pay attention to whether or not it is difficult doing things such as walking or running. An injured knee will not be able to bear a lot of weight. Therefore, the knee will be weakened and unstable. Swelling and redness in the knee are other symptoms you should pay attention to. Sensations experienced, such as ripping and popping are signs that there is a major knee injury. This can also indicate that something is not properly aligned in the knee. If you have difficulty straightening the leg due to knee pain, this is also a sign that something is wrong.

Chiropractic treatments can align the knee back into place and can also alleviate the pain that is associated with the injury. Chiropractic care is also a great way to prevent chronic pain. In addition, laser therapy can reduce swelling and pain significantly.

Call Delaware Injury Care at their new location in Wilmington, Delaware or any of the other three locations for a free consult for knee pain due to a car accident. We also treat other types of car accident injuries. Delaware Injury Care provides class 4 laser therapy for pain, rehabilitation, gentle chiropractic care and more. If you have knee pain or any other pain, call us today.

Car Accident Chiropractic Study

In one study, patients suffering from chronic whiplash syndrome were referred for chiropractic care. 93 per cent improved in function and had decreased pain.

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