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Medication not cutting it for Lower Back Pain? Take These Steps

Medication is a quick and easy way to relieve any type of pain that you feel in your body. It can be prescribed by your doctor or purchased over the counter at your local drug store. However, many people use it without being ready to handle the side effects that it usually comes with. For those who suffer from severe lower back pain medication can be useful temporarily. The only problem is that when the medicine wears off, the lower back pain returns. This means spending more money along with a dependence on unnatural pain relievers for your lower back pain.

What Medications Are Really Doing for Your Lower Back Pain

A common drug that is often recommended for lower back pain relief is acetaminophen. This drug works well with reducing inflammation and pain in your body. Yet, do you know the side effects? Lower back pain usually occurs when a muscle or ligament gets torn or pulled. The pain can end up feeling worse than what it really is. When a patient takes acetaminophen, especially in higher dosages for chronic lower back pain, they are putting themselves at risk for liver damage. Not only that, but the side effects of acetaminophen include, nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, headaches and many more health issues. Do you really want to suffer from those side effects on top of having lower back pain?

Important Steps to Take for Lower Back Pain

First, it is crucial to know if you are actually having lower back pain or is it coming from somewhere else. A chiropractor can help you to determine this with a proper diagnosis. They will diagnose any condition you may have while also giving you the best treatment options for your lower back pain. So what do you have to do now? Consult with a chiropractor at Delaware Injury Care in the location that works best for you. Learn about the causes of your lower back pain and how you can prevent acute low back pain from becoming chronic. Your chiropractor is there to get you back to living a normal life that is lower back pain free. Not only that, but chiropractors offer a healthier alternative to healing without the side effects of medication.

A Study on Laser Therapy Shows to be Effective

Call Delaware Injury Care for a free consultation for your Lower Back Pain. Now offering Class 4 Laser Therapy. We have 4 locations to serve you better:

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