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How to Heal Your Shoulder after a Car Accident Injury

Your lifestyle has a lot to do with how healthy your shoulder will be. This is especially true for those who have had shoulder pain from a car accident injury. Bruises and scratches can appear on the shoulder after a car accident injury. Oftentimes, they cause some pain and scars. However, those injuries often require less attention than a shoulder joint injury. The shoulder joint is made up of three important bones. When the shoulder joints are injured, the range of motion is limited. Therefore, the mobility only enables a person to do certain tasks because of their physical limitations.


Many people exercise to keep their body in good condition. Exercising is an activity that should be done on a regular basis to keep the body healthy. Exercising is also a great way to improve your mood and help you burn calories. It can also help your body to remain flexible as you age. Yet, exercise cannot prevent a car accident injury from occurring. A car accident injury can cause severe strain to the shoulder. The pain is usually inevitable after a car accident injury. Pain is also shows that something is wrong in your body. Shoulder injuries come with many symptoms such as stiffness, discoloration of the skin, tingling, swelling and numbness. Any of these symptoms that you have after a car accident indicate that chiropractic care is needed. Chiropractic treatments for your shoulder will speed up your healing process and improve your range of motion.

Laser Therapy

Did you know that Delaware Injury Care offers class 4 laser therapies? Laser therapy is can relieve pain and inflammation. Laser therapy treatments are a pain free way to rehabilitate your shoulder joint. It is a great way to improve the blood flow in your body as well. This will help the oxygen in your body to reach the cells to repair the damaged tissue. It also allows for your body to get the nutrients that it needs to heal naturally. The class 4 laser is a low level laser that will soothe your body with its warmth. Side effects come when you take medication and there are many risks to surgery. Consult with your chiropractor to begin a treatment plan for your shoulder injury.

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Delaware Injury Care provides laser therapy for pain, rehabilitation, gentle chiropractic care and more. If you have a car accident injury or any other pain, call us today.

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