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Eliminate Your Foot Pain with Chiropractic!

Pain in the foot especially when doing an important task can be irritating. There are many patients who suffer from foot pain. Feet are most needed for walking and standing. Those who have occupations where standing on their feet for long periods often suffer from foot pain. Women who are pregnant can also have foot pain along with swelling in their feet. Some women gain more weight and this causes pressure on the feet.

What is Causing Foot Pain?

Many diseases cause foot pain and so do injuries from athletic activities. Even many kinds of footwear can cause discomfort. The largest bone in the foot is the heel bone. High heels have a tendency to make the area around the ball of the foot hurt. The foot is made up of 26 bones and any type of trauma to the foot muscle and tissue can trigger pain. It is important for the feet to be treated because the feet support the spine. Your feet can be treated by chiropractic just like the spine. Do you have this foot problem or any other foot pain?

Arch Pain

There are three arches in the human foot. They are called the inner, outer and as stated earlier, the ball of the foot. All of these arches help to support body weight. A burning feeling felt in the arch of the foot making it hard to walk indicates a problem. A condition most call, “flat feet” or “Fallen Arches” happens when the tendons are not functioning properly. Some of the ways it can develop are by rheumatoid arthritis, broken bones and nerve issues. Yet, there are many other causes as well. This causes the foot and ankle to have improper placement. Fallen Arches can be treated with chiropractic care. The bones just have to be put back into alignment. Chiropractic treatment can alleviate foot pain and provide practical ways of decreasing the risks of developing Fallen Arches.

Take Care of Your Feet

Did you know that your feet are considered the foundation to your body? When you take care of your feet, you are taking care of your whole body. Buy shoes that support your feet and that are comfortable. Schedule a visit to your chiropractic and get pain relief from problems with your feet. We prescribe orthotics as well. Ask about our orthotics machine in Dover, Delaware to see if you need orthotics.

Call Delaware Injury Care for a free foot pain consultation. Delaware Injury Care provides laser therapy for pain, rehabilitation, gentle chiropractic care and more. If you are suffering from foot pain or any other pain, call us today.

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