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3 Symptoms that suggest You May Have Lower Back Degenerative Disc Disease

It Feels Better When I Rest

Most often, positions that relieve pressure on your lower back tend to feel the best. These positions include reclining, lying down and using a pillow under your knees while your sleep.

It Hurts More When I Sit

The discs in the lower back receive 3 times the pressure when sitting versus standing. Try working at a standing desk to see if it makes a difference for you.

It Hurts More When I'm Active

Golfing, gardening and other activities that require bending, twisting and lifting can cause a flare-up. With DDD, the pain will often decrease soon after finishing your activities.

If you think you have Degenerative Disc Disease, schedule a FREE consultation with our office. We can identify the source of your symptoms and give the best treatment possible. Make your vertebrae smile too!

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