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4 Ways to Put an End to Knee Pain

Underlying conditions such as arthritis are not always the cause of knee pain. The knee is the largest joint in the human body. Did you know that your knee also carries most of your body weight? Knee pain is can be caused by injuries and repeated overuse. Other medical conditions such as a torn cartilage can be the cause of knee pain. No matter what the reason for the knee pain, finding relief is the only goal for most. While there are many reasons for knee pain, there are multiple ways to help relieve the current pain and to prevent future knee pain from reoccurring.

What About Medications?

There are tons of over the counter medicines that can be taken for knee pain. They are able to bring relief for knee pain temporary. These drugs can help with conditions such as arthritis and with sprains in the knee. Unfortunately, there are many cons for taking medication due to knee pain. With any drug that is prescribed or bought over the counter, side effects usually accompany it. Since the medication is meant to bring short-term knee pain relief, it will be helpful in the very beginning. However, for long lasting relief, it is important to get treatment. Laser therapy and hydrotherapy are techniques that can reduce the swelling in the knees. These types of treatments, along with gentle knee mobilization are more likely to benefit your body long-term, allowing the body to naturally heal itself. These methods can help prevent the pain from returning and therefore prevent chronic pain.

Other Techniques

A person can have knee pain and use self-care methods, but may not necessarily know what is causing the knee pain. This is why it is important for a chiropractor to create a great treatment plan for you. It will be your most important method in eliminating knee pain. There are techniques that can be applied to the knee to bring immediate and long-term relief. Treatments that include rehabilitation, soft tissue techniques, therapies, hydro massage and laser therapy treatments are all extremely helpful in healing your knees and reducing knee pain.

Studies Show a short-term manual therapy knee protocol significantly reduces pain in patients with osteoarthritic knee pain. This resulted in improvements in self-reported knee function after a 2 week treatment period.

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