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Osteoporosis, Chiropractic and The Path to Better Bone Health

Bones need to be strong and healthy in order to do daily activities. They are important in protecting certain parts of the body such as the organs. Body movements are easily made when the bones have enough calcium. Did you know that the bones in the body are living tissues? Body growth also occurs due to the bones in your body. When the body has a healthy bone structure it keeps the body from developing diseases such as osteoporosis. Although genetics play an important role in how a person develops osteoporosis, their lifestyle does as well. A diet that is rich in calcium and vitamin D aids in bone development. Brittle and weak bones can limit mobility and at times causes pain. Also, a person is at a lower risk of falling when the bones are tough. Fractures can be avoided and other conditions that develop from poor bone health. These complications can all be prevented and treated with chiropractic. However, here are ways you can maintain healthy bones in addition to chiropractic treatments.

Stay Active

Those who do not exercise are placed at a higher risk of having osteoporosis. Exercise and other physical activities will help to provide strength to the muscles. As more weight is put on the bones, they begin to become stronger. It will also produce more cells and increase bone density. There are many weight bearing exercises that will strengthen the bones. They include walking, jogging, tennis, dancing and running. Regular exercise will help prevent and slow osteoporosis. Aging is inevitable and as it happens the bones are changing. Strength training is helpful as well in maintaining bone health. Lifting weights and using weight machines all help to increase muscle mass. Strength training exercises will allow the muscles to work hard and consistently and weight-bearing exercises will help stave off osteoporosis.

Vitamin D

Eating food that contains vitamin D is a great way to improving your bone health. Vitamin D can be taken in supplements. The body can also obtain vitamin D through sunlight. There are also certain foods that can be eaten that contain the vitamin. Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna all are good food sources for vitamin D. Others sources are certain types of dairy milk, almond milk and products that contain grain. An example of this would be Multi Grain Cheerios which is also a fortified cereal. Osteoporosis can cause tremendous problems later in life. Regular chiropractic care, exercise and foods/supplements high in Vitamin D will help prevent osteoporosis down the road.

In the following study, chiropractic therapy was shown to have positive outcomes on an elderly low back pain patient with osteoporosis and a very complex clinical history.

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