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How Neck Pain Can Affect Your Work

Work related injuries can happen any time. Following safety procedures is a good way to prevent an injury from occurring. However, there are times when an injury still happens. Many occupations require their employees to work at desks looking up at computer screens for long periods of time. This is a common cause of neck pain. Many employees have to lift heavy things at work; workers who do construction, work in warehouses and those who do manual labor. Job duties could require workers to place materials on shelves above shoulder height. Electricians often have to strain their necks while looking up to fix or install electrical systems. These movements cause neck strain and neck pain over a period of time. The neck muscles need to be stretched and loosened to prevent spasms.

The Function of the Neck

The neck is the upper part of the spine, a part of your body that is subject to stress just like many other body parts. Did you ever think about the fact that it supports the weight of your head? Your neck is very flexible. It is made up of bones, muscles, nerves and vessels. Many of these are important to the head and the body because they supply structures. Injuries such as whiplash and soft tissue injuries can happen, also contributing to neck pain. When neck pain is present, other parts of the body are affected since they is connected to the neck. Sometimes, neck pain can spread to your shoulders and cause pain and numbness in the hands.

How You Can Prevent Neck Pain and Injury

Stretching is great for the neck. You can keep your neck muscles strong by exercising and stretching your neck throughout the day. This will help to strengthen your muscles and keep them from becoming stiff. Also, by maintaining a supportive posture neck pain and injury can be avoided. For example, those who work in an office may have the computer at an awkward angle. This causes a change in your posture and can sometimes cause soreness. Placing the computer at an angle that causes strain is not good for your neck. The best position for your computer is directly facing you and at 15 degrees below your eye level.

Studies Show Chiropractic Works Wonder

Acute and chronic neck pain should be treated by a chiropractor immediately. In fact, studies show that chiropractic care improves balance, reduces dizziness and decreases neck pain.

Call Delaware Injury Care for a free consultation. Delaware Injury Care provides therapy such as laser therapy for pain, rehabilitation, gentle chiropractic care and more depending on your needs.

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